Maat Saxophone Quartet in Wenen

Maat heeft tijdens hun verblijf in Wenen, namens Live Music Now Wenen een mooi optreden verzorgd voor leerlingen van een bijzondere school in Oostenrijk.

“During our stay in Vienna in the month of April we had the opportunity to perform for Live Music Now Wien. Maat was in Austria to do a children’s performance in collaboration with Jeunesse Musik Erleben and Oorkaan. The collaboration consisted of two weeks of rehearsals and one week with about 15 performances. In one of our few free days we got invited, through Live Music Now Vienna, to perform for two groups of children, in a school for special needs. Although it was an intense period, it was heartwarming to perform for these children and to leave the usual concert hall. Somehow we feel that we enter their safe space, and that creates beautiful moments. There was a session of Q&A’s, where we got help from the English teacher, because we do not speak German and the children did not speak English. In the second group we got help from a young boy ¬†from Malaysia who was fluent in English. We could see that it was very special for him to do it because he still seemed not very confident with the German language, and somehow in that moment he could shine. We thank Live Music Now Nederland for making it possible and connecting us with Live Music Now Wien. It is always a pleasure to do these concerts!”